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M1 and M2 Driver

Not all drivers are made the same.  The new M1 Driver unlocks breakthroughs in distance, forgiveness, complete personalization. Our New M2 Driver unlocks a new level of exceptional distance and forgiveness for more golfers.


M1 Irons are an entirely new line that packs the distance and forgiveness of M2 irons in a more compact shape for improved control and playability. The M2 combines distance, height and forgiveness giving golfers a complete performance package.

Fairway and Hybrids

The M1 allows golfers to personalize trajectory to maximize performance and consistency . The M2 provides players with exceptional distance and forgiveness.


Putters designed to provide tour performance to every golfer.

FlightScope Technology

We utilize FlightScope Technology for all tuned performance sessions. Flightscope Technology provides accurate and consistent data for the technician in analyzing your needs.

FlightScopes 3D Doppler Radar Tracks

  • Clubhead Speed
  • Ball Speed
  • Smash Factor
  • Launch Angle
  • Direction
  • Impact Angle

About Us

The TaylorMade Tuned Performance Center Pittsburgh is a premier fitting location featuring the same club/shaft matrix at the Kingdom at TaylorMade's headquarters in Carlsbad, CA. FlightScope® launch monitor technology is utilized for all fittings. TaylorMade's Tuned Performance Center Pittsburgh is located at Vietmeier Golf Center and is the only public indoor/outdoor premier center open to the public in Pennsylvania. Certified TaylorMade® Fitting Specialists match the precise TaylorMade equipment to your individual golf swing.

By TaylorMade® Golf standards TaylorMade Performance Centers deliver an experience that dials in every golfer to their perfect set of clubs. Utilizing cutting-edge fitting technology and latest TaylorMade equipment, certified fitters will work with you to determine exactly what clubs, components, and specifications are right for your swing.

We are unique, in that, we enable you to demo new clubs on the spot with indoor and outdoor facilities. You receive real-time feedback using FlightScope® technology. Our TaylorMade Golf Fitting Specialist is able to assess your swing and recommend club changes and spec adjustments to improve your performance.

Whether you’re stopping in to demo a club, a swing tune-up, or an in-depth fitting analysis; our experts are prepared to help you take your game to the next level.

To schedule your fitting appointment, call the ProShop at 412-771-2699 or contact us via email using the Contact Us button.

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What Our Customers Say!

I will never buy another set of clubs off the rack, getting fit made a huge difference in my game!

I learned so much about my game just getting fit for clubs.

Great facility and staff!

I now understand why the Pro's get fit for their clubs. It has made a tremendous difference in my game and playing is a lot more fun!